Lipton Iced Tea

Type: Tea
Owner: Unilever | Pepsico
Markets: Worldwide

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Lipton Iced Tea is sold in five flavors, lemon, peach, peach & nectarine, mango and raspberry.
Green Tea and Rooibos flavors are also available in some regions.

Lipton Iced Tea Peach

Get ready for a delicious Peach flavor hit with Ice Tea! It is made with quality black Lipton Tea for a taste that will delight your taste buds and leave you feeling cool and refreshed.
Peach flavored Lipton Ice Tea contains no artificial colors, no preservatives, and no artificial sweeteners.
The 1.5L multi serve bottle is also the perfect size for sharing with friends and family.
Lipton Peach Ice Tea is perfect enjoyed on its own and any time of the day, but is also a great addition to all kinds of meals. We recommend matching it with spicy food, Asian food, salads and sandwiches – you can’t go wrong.
Lipton have been providing tea to over 150 counties since 1880 and never compromise on quality. Only the best tea leaves go into Lipton Ice Tea. All tea leaves are sourced from around the world and are expertly blended so you can enjoy a premium quality experience. So, reward yourself with the fresh, delicious taste that makes iced tea a great choice.
Grab a bottle of Lipton Peach Ice Tea today and taste the bright side and keep completely refreshed with every sip! At Lipton Ice Tea we’re about making the everyday more inspiring for everyone, adding real refreshment to real moments and real life.

No preservatives

No artificial colors

No artificial sweeteners

Deliciously refreshing

Made from quality Lipton tea

Multi-serve pack size

Lipton Iced Tea