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INNPOSO Trading B.V. provides a wide range of consumer goods and household supplies such as: Soft Drinks, Chocolate Spreads, Powdered Milk products, Baby Milk products, Coffees and a lot more. "Food and Beverage Distributor"



All products offered are 100% authentic and European Approved.
Our goal is to supply our customers with the best quality consumer goods at very competitive prices worldwide.

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Our catalog covers all daily required soft drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices such as Coca Cola, Fanta, RedBull energy Drink, Monster Energy Drink, Capri Sun Juices, Spring waters and even more

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INNPOSO Trading B.V aspire to empower all customers who walk through our doors with a distinct advantage in leading their business. This apart, we seek to become a dependable and reassuring companion who deeply perceives, and cumulatively fulfils their lives’ needs, desires and dreams.


Food and beverage supplier NL
Food and beverage supplier NL
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