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Unsalted Butter Wholesale China | 82% Fat Unsalted Butter: Product Overview

INNPOSO Trading BV is a Dutch company founded in 2013, which is committed to providing a variety of the best quality Food, Additives and Beverages for wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers of confectionery and bakery industriesunsalted butter wholesale china, 82% Fat Unsalted Butter

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Unsalted Butter Wholesale China | Unsalted Butter 82% Fat

The price of unsalted butter offered complies with the current market prices.

Unsalted butter is pure butter. There are no additives, and it sometimes has a fresher taste as well. Since unsalted butter is a more natural ingredient, it also tends to be priced a little higher.

Working closely with quality giant manufacturers and main distributors gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with products as soon as possible.

All products comply with European Standards. Product specification will be sent alongside quotation and quality inspection prior loading.

YES! we are more than willing to sign at least a 12 months sales contract with buyers.

Not only do we offer the best current market prices, we also give bulk buyers special promotion discounts on their purchases.

82% Fat Unsalted Butter Wholesale at very competitive market prices.
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