Type: Beer
Alcohol by volume: 5.0%
Manufacturer: Heineken N.V
Origin: Netherlands
Markets: Worldwide

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Heineken Beer  or simply Heineken is a pale lager beer with 5% alcohol by volume produced by the Dutch brewing company Heineken N.V.. Heineken is sold in a green bottle with a red star.

Heineken beer

Heineken Beer Beauty

The beauty of brewing is that it’s a natural process, enhanced by craftsmanship to create the perfect beverage.
Our Heineken lager contains just three main ingredients: barley, hops and water.
When our A-yeast is added, this is when Heineken magically transforms into the brew we all know and love.


It al starts with barley. A grain bursting with goodness, naturally containing starch, protein and fiber. After soaking, the barley is gently heated to dry out over the course of a few days. This meticulous process is called malting.


A plant brimming with flavor. There are many varieties of hops, each with a distinctive flavor; from spicy aromas to mild herbal flavors. Selecting the right crop is an art form in itself.


Water is the main ingredient in lager, it can make up an incredible 95% of the finished product.
Being such a vital ingredient, only the highest quality of water is used.