Hennessy Cognac

Clear and bright, with a beautiful amber hue
Initial notes of fresh toast with roasted almond and brown sugar are followed and complemented by a second wave of more subtle vine fruit aromas

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Hennessy VS Cognac 70cl is one of the most popular cognacs in the world. Matured in new oak barrels.
It is bold and fragrant. Its beguiling character is unique, a timeless choice with an intensity all its own.
Hennessy V.S offers toasted and fruit notes, with a rich, clearly defined palate and a welcoming exuberance.

Hennessy VS Cognac 70cl
Hennessy VS Cognac 70cl

This cognac expresses its vibrant and dynamic personality through unique artist partnerships and annual limited editions.
Easy to enjoy, it’s a perfect cognac for high-energy occasions and sharing the moment.

Type: Spirits – Cognac
ABV: 40% vol
Country of Origin: France


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Product Of
Produced and bottled in Cognac, France

Name and Address
Jas Hennessy & Co
16100 Cognac,